Lineups/Transactions MUST be received by 12:01am Saturday

Lineups/Transactions MUST be received by 12:01am Saturday

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16-17 League Champions
NCAA: Albuquerque Chickenhawks
IBL: Three Will Always Be More Than Two
MML: Deep Valley Grouchos
FCBL4: Rutacki



Thanks for the participation again!  Next year will be the 20th year for the oldest league (NCAA), hard to believe it's been that long.



Weekly Score sheets are complete thru:  03/04/2017

IF You SEE any corrections, please e-mail me ASAP!!

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Top 4 Seeds:
#1 overall - Prozac Pups (FCBL3) 26-4
Kansas City Razorbacks (FCBL4) 25-5
Bruin Pride (I
BL) 24-6
Pirate's Raiders (NCAA) 24-6
NCAA 0 of 16 Remain
IBL 1 of 16 Remain
FCBL3 0 of 16 Remain
FCBL4 0 of 16 Remain

Wooden vs. Valvano
Three Will Always Be More Than Two (IBL)


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